Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

A Plea For Support (continued)
The Story: I’m a single dad, living in the NEPA area, the work out here has ravaged most of the economy, after the divorce, I gave the house over to the ex, in order for us to stay out of the courts.

She renegged on the deal, I’ve been taking care of my daughter every day, and now that summer is here I’m with her from 7:30AM till 6PM most days. She stays over on wednesdays, and every other weekend

Child support is a minimal $300 a month, but after food gas clothing and other basic needs, It’s been all I can to send whatever was left just to stay out of jail…

This month June 2012, I missed the 20 day mark that they gave me… So, a bench warrant has been served and at any time I’ll be off for 6 months. Unless I can satisfy the quantity they will require.

There’s no denying it’s been a hard road for many of us, I’m not here asking for handouts or anything.
I will gladly give tarot readings, counsel and or gift you with the tones, I also do video work, setup and customize websites, do some really good digital artwork, and even help with marketing of your ideas, products or services. I know full well there aint no such thing as a free lunch, I’m not asking for one…

After 14 years of living with a BiPolar PTSD who decided to go cold turkey from Paxil and never return, I learned a lot over those years of abuse and mistreatment to the point that I can identify with spousal abuse and understand what learned-helplesness is.

I’ve done a lot of work to combat the complete annihialation of ones spirit in order to bring Spiritual Warrior Today Radio to life. To come from the heart, to bring quality topics and real life individuals and their information, their experiences their strengths and their hopes into your speakers and earphones and hopefully into your hearts, with the hope of entertaining you in the process.

This is being true to myself. To share with you all of me and what there is to offer. This site has so much potential and I’m hearing weekly, just how much it means to people, the stuff thats being aired on here… This month alone the visitor count jumped to over a thousand people in the first two weeks. A HUGE milestone for SWTR.

But if nothing happens pretty soon, airing and content will shut down as I take my hiatus in debtors prison…
Domestic Relations Court in Honesdale Pennsylvania is a Kangaroo court. I was told point blank by an attourney who had never spoke to me before “You may think you have a case, but believe me, You Don’t”…

Spousal abuse happens to men (today) almost as much if not more than the other way around now that the courts have no longer considered justice as a means to an end. I’m being forced to leave my daughter in the hands of an emotionally unstable human being, something I’ve been fighting to reverse for the last 5 years. Will she survive? Perhaps, will she be scarred for life? Most definitely. At nine years of age, I can remember every account that happened to me at that time like it was yesterday.

So I’m asking…, no I am pleading for your grace, and your mercy to share what you can even if its just a dollar, every little bit counts, & to spread the word about this and or Spiritual Warrior Today Radio. For just the next few days $40.00 gets you a full one hour tartot card reading and counseling session, $100.00 or more gets you the full Gift of Tones and one one hour tarot reading and counseling and a follow up 1 hour session a week later.

Please access the ChipIn box on the right coulumn and share what you can. I’ll be monitoring the donations and will contact you if your amount is equal to one of the above.

I don’t say it often or if ever but…

I am the real deal, Steven Raebel of Fired Up Radio, International Medium Debbie Edwards of Meta~Visionay’s Globalized Radio, Psychic Kelli Coffee of “Kelli In The Raw” and Joyce Keller listed as one of the top 100 psychics in the world openly admit to my gifts, and just recently out of the blue I was friended on Google plus by Psychic/Medium and executive producer of the CBS series “The Ghost Whisperer” James Vaughn Praagh.

And just for the thrill of it, for the next seven days, seven lucky people who get 20 friends or more to like the spiritual warrior today radio facebook page will recieve the gift of tones free. Just use one of the chakra images below and have your friends like and post your chosen chakra image as a post on and name you as a source and you could win The Gift of Tones as thanks for your support. Thats a $30.00 value just for helping out.

Thank You, From Abby and Myself~

UPDATE: The Short of it… They came, I went, and after 4 days in lockdown I was released after satisfying what needed to be satisfied. The result; I no longer have Abby with me as much as I’ve had in the past as was stated above, infact, at this time I don’t know how much time I (will) have with her… So, now I’m in the long fight to attain custody after getting some much needed self sufficiency occuring for the both of us… Thank you, for all those who continue to pray & support and to those who even managed to get through this much of my outpouring..

we thank you