The following prayers may be used for the blessing of the salt and water
By Dan Lopez on Friday, January 25, 2013 at 4:11am

The following prayers may be used for the blessing of the salt and water.

“(Pointing the first and second fingers at the salt.) I exorcise thee, creature of earth, by the living God (+), by the holy God (+), by the omnipotent God (+), that thou mayest be purified of all evil influences in the Name of Adonai, Who is Lord of Angels and of men.

“(Extending hand over salt.) Creature of earth, adore thy Creator. In the Name of God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and of Jesus Christ His Son, our Saviour, I consecrate thee (+) to the service of God, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“(Pointing first and second fingers at the water.) I exorcise thee, creature of water, by the living God (+), by the Holy God (+) by the omnipotent God (+), that thou mayest be purified from all evil influences in the Name of Elohim Sabbaoth, Who is Lord of Angels and of men.

“(Extending hand over water.) Creature of water, adore thy Creator. In the Name of God the Father Almighty, Who decreed a firmament in the midst of the waters, and of Jesus Christ His Son our Saviour, I consecrate thee (+) to the service of God, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“(Casting the salt into the water.) We pray Thee, O God, Lord of Heaven and earth, and of all that in them is, both visible and invisible, that Thou mayest stretch forth the right hand of Thy power upon these creatures of the elements and hallow them in Thy holy Name. Grant that this salt may make for health of body and this water for health of soul, and that there may be banished from the place where they are used every power of adversity and every illusion and artifice of evil, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.”

The water thus consecrated may be used as a bath, or for making the Sign of Cross upon the forehead, or for sprinkling about a place. When thus using it, the following prayer may be employed. “In the Name which is above every other name, and in the power of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, I exorcise all influences and seeds of evil; I lay upon them the spell of Christ’s Holy Church, that they may be bound fast as with chains and cast into outer darkness, that they trouble not the servants of God.”

In pointing or making the Sign of the Cross (+), the first and second fingers are extended and the third and fourth are bent towards the palm of the hand and the thumb laid upon their nails. When the hand is extended in blessing over the salt and water, it is held flat, fingers together and para llel, and thumb stretched at right angles to the fore finger.:::


In dealing with elementals or non-human entities the Pentagram, or Pentalapha, is the best weapon. This is a five-pointed star drawn in a particular way. Pointing the first and second fingers of the right hand, and folding the others into the palm and touching their tips with the thumb, proceed to draw the Pentagram in the air, keeping the elbow stiff and swinging the arm at full length.

Start with the right arm across the body, the hand about the level of the left hip, the extended fingers pointing downwards and outwards. Swing it upwards, as if drawing a straight line in the air, until the fingers point straight upwards above the head at arm’s length.

Now sweep it down again, keeping the elbow stiff, until the hand occupies the corresponding position upon the right side to that from which it started on the left. You have now drawn a gigantic V upside down. Next swing the hand across the body, on a rising incline, until it is stretched on a level with the left shoulder, pointing to the left. Bring it across the body horizontally until it is in the same position on the right, fingers pointing away from the body.

Now swing it downwards across the body till the hand has come back to the point by the left hip whence it started. This is an exceedingly potent sign. The value of the Five-pointed Star, the symbol of Humanity, is widely known among occultists, but its potency depends upon the manner in which it is drawn.




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We’re Warring tonight for sure, between insomnia, fluid in the chest, Magnetic storms and possibly contact entempting to be established through an LIVE class B EVP (Can YOU catch it? It’s definitely vocal) it’s incredibly appropriate during a show concerning Contact and Consciousness.. Are We Really Ready For Contact? BTW Paola Harris was the guest mentioned on Fade 2 Black

No Joke, it was a major storm


Ouija, Ouija-ologist (Recently featured on Darkness Radio & guest on Coast to Coast), Karen A. Dahlman joins us as we delve deep into the various aspects of this socially conditioned taboo subject and item or tool of the paranormal. The Spirit of Creativity
For over 40 years, her experiences with the ouija board has taken Karen to experiences that would not only shape but profoundly effect her life and the lives of those around her. Unbridaled by dogmatic fears, Karen interacted with the ouija like any other tool of the paranormal which lead her to experiences with entities from beyond as well as spirits, guides, demons and interdimensionals.. With the help of the ouija Karen has propelled herself from mild manner therepist to CEO of her own successful communications company in southern california.
With the recent publication of her book, “The Spirit of Creativity: Embodying Your Soul’s Passion”, she gives interviews about its contents and how the book was written with the assistance of her spirit friends. Ms. Dahlman has a strong spiritual connection to her spirit friends from beyond and she speaks to her connection and communication with them throughout her life. Highly experienced as a Ouija-­?ologist (one who studies the uses of the board), she teaches others about the positive benefits of using this tool as a means for expanding and deepening one’s world and expression within it in the most profound ways.
[Scheduled Air Date & Time 4-17-2013 12PM EST - 9AM PST]
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There is no battle; There’s only you fighting yourselfchritstconsciousness2012

Well, freakin yeah, that’s what I’m talkin about!

In order to go through life in a completely different direction. One requires themselves to suspend their known reality. All their past, needs to not exist in order to allow for a new reality to take hold.

The thing is, building a new reality is a delicate scenario. Repitition is very important because all we know is everything we’ve experienced and lived and learned over and over again and again.

This becomes our sustained and supported reality of what we know and what we are and have become in our lives.

I don’t have to tell you why you need to change, if you’re reading this then you have a prompting to change, an inner propencity to seek change even if everything in your being is saying “NO Don’t Change!”

That’s that part of us fighting ourselves.

Some call it EGO, some call it our inner demon. None of that matters.

A Force of Will:

Edgar Cayce, the world reknown intuitive is sited saying that the individual’s Own Personal Will is the most powerful thing at their command.

To this day, there is a debate, questioning the actual legitimacey of this very statement.

Is our Will our own, Do we truly have Free Will.

I submit to you this:

You know not your own Will.
Your Will to you is estranged.
You go forth and you succeed of your own accord not recognizing the very force you emplore. You train, learn and accomplish much because you worked hard or intentionalised the outcome.

Yet if asked to change a bad habit, remove a character defect, reduce your short commings. You have no clue where to begin.

Yet the very power you’ve engaged in the past is at your beck and call to this day. Yet we know it not.


We’ve not given ourselves to know ourselves.

I know life has to change. I know I’ve reinvented myself so many times I hardly know who I am anymore, nor do I know who I am to be next in order to be the change.

But, life has to change regardless.

Every fiber in my being yells;

“NO! Don’t Do It! This is what THEY want you to do! They want you to conform, they want you to be part of the SYSTEM! THEY want you to become a statistic!”

Yet, in order to make the change, changes must be made. Do I listen to the fibers and do I continue doing what I’m doing getting what I’m getting?

Or, do I recognize the resistance. Label it, accept it and own it?

It’s only a pattern. It can’t hurt me, well, that might be debateable depending on the perspective. It can take me hostage if I allow it to dictate my course of direction.

It’s not laziness, it’s a pattern, a habit, a release of control. It’s an escape from engaging my own Free Will.

Change requires recognition, acceptance, a decision, and a commitment combined with dicipline.

Suspending reality is not easy. A leap of faith is not easy. Stepping into the unknown out of our comfort zone is not easy. All of these things are incredibly SIMPLE, but not easy.

Here’s an example of what’s possible. I love the guitar. I can’t play as well as I would like and I’ve never got past amature status. I put down playing since I was in my early twenties because (well, the reason is inconsequential).

I’ve picked it back up and decided I wanted to learn lead guitar and not work so hard on playing rythym. I knew all along anyone worth their salt, knew the notes on the fretboard. They knew what they were and where to find them.

This has always mystified me.

I was battered with intimidating questions like, how long did they take to learn that, how do they practice that, and when did it just click for them? I fought this thing for months if not the last year or so.

I looked at the fretboard and was repelled at the notion of learning all the notes…

After all there are tons of them all over the place, how do you take all that in?

I watched video after video, I knew the names of the strings but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you where a single note was.

I asked my God to just make it happen. Let me just “GET IT” let me know where everything is. And one day last week it just clicked.

My subconscious took over and filled in the blanks of my consciousness.

As an aside;
(It’s similar to the way writers hit various subjects. They pour over material related to the subject for days, then they stop it all and take a break for a day or so. They come back and a flood of ideas, solutions and direction come to their consciousness as if from no where.)

But let me continue…

I understood it in a very simplistic manner. I knew my ABC’s and I knew the names of the strings. I knew there were spaces between every note except for B&C – E&F.

So, ABCDEFG, turned into A_BC_D_EF_G

That was it. I don’t know the fretboard by heart, but I now know how to find the notes all over the fretboard. The rest is practice and commitment. I know, its still gobbly-gook to you, but to me it was a revelation.

I intentionalized KNOWING the fretboard, I visualized knowing where everything was. I pounded my senses with videos explaining in different ways how to memorize the fretboard.

I didn’t just ask and it just happened. I fed my conscious with the data and THEN asked for it to happen, and it did.

I was tired of fighting the intimidation of the fretboard. I knew I could grasp this thing. I focused on it for a day or two and it just clicked.

Big freakin deal Dan! What does that do for the BIG changes I need to achieve?


When I was addicted to crack cocain and all kinds of other drugs and alcohol for thriteen years, breaking that habit was done by way of the same principal.

Now, I think THAT’s a pretty big change to achieve. To this day I’ve been off all that stuff for twenty five years. It was NOT easy in the beginning, it was simple. It was not easy.

I’m not telling you to join a program or go to meetings. I’m saying you can use the power of your Free Will to exact change in your life. You can stop fighting yourself and fighting your inner demons.

I let go, I knew I could, which was the opposite of “I’ll never get this”. I suspended belief of my known reality.
I asked for help. and I let it happen.
And it did.

So… “Change requires recognition, acceptance, a decision, and a commitment combined with dicipline.”

Like I said earlier, I’m using this today to reinvent myself. To change into something that works instead of going through the motions and being beaten down by life.

I recognized this is an issue. Simple.

I accept it needs to be changed and I’m not downing on myself about having to change or the issue at hand. Neither is useful information at this time because its already been accepted. Simple.

I’ve decided to change. This requires no action on my part. That comes later. I’ve only made a conscious decision to change. Simple.

I’m making a commitment. Now I’ve done it.
I’ve stepped into a world of poop, I’ve suspended reality of the past of everything I’ve known. I’ve said goodbye to all the that I’ve learned, experienced and taken the first step into a new life. Simple.

Not easy, but simple.

My dicipline is to apply all these everyday.
To ask for help when I don’t feel like doing these. And to continue in the face of doubt and fear. Everyday, every hour, every minute. And when I derail, catch myself as quickly as possible and get back on the tracks unquestioningly. Continue suspending belief of the known reality of my past. Stepping into unknown territory. Again, simple, not easy, but simple.

Kind of exciting actually.

By the way, a few weeks ago I was diagnosed having only three months to live. Another heart doctor refuted the claim. Both are reveared in their field. Regardless, from here out its a new day for me everyday.

My new motto is “I’m not here forever”


SWTRadio-Silent Suffering

A touching perspective on what happens when life comes at you fast



Blessed to be Interviewing my spiritual Aries Sister, Psychic/Medium, NDE Survivor, Author/Speaker, Sandiee Peters tonight.. Working on some residual MercRetro broadcast stuff but the podcast will be available tonight for sure

About Sandiee

Sandiee is no stranger to life’s challenges. Overcoming some of the biggest that life has to offer: a life with panic disorder, ill health, and then death. During a near-death experience, her eyes were opened to a new way of being. She began to embrace all aspects of her soul and had gained insights on God’s presence in her life.

Sandiee is an author, international psychic medium, holistic teacher, motivational speaker, and inspiration for the “beauty of change.” She motivates people of all faiths and cultures from around the world to seek the soul evolution they need, in order to realize the life of their dreams. Her ability to communicate with the deceased and give intuitive insight into one’s life is a gift from God, which became heightened after her near-death experience.
Her family originates from the plains of Zimbabwe. Her deceased African grandmother still serves a a source of love that inspires her to realize her deepest heartfelt dreams. It is her hope that someday she can return to Africa to film her inspired journey and illustrate the connection with her beloved grandmother.
Sandiee has chronicled her life-altering experience in her book Butterfly Soul. It is her hope that every soul who reads it is inspired to change and serve their life purpose. She has been a radio host, writing and producing her own podcast series Soul Chat, which aired live for four years on the PARA-X Radio Network. Currently, she has created a new podcast about holistic health called, The Holistic Soul, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio every Thursday night at 9 pm EST.

Sandiee is an accomplished certified teacher through the West Virginia State Board of Education. Her degrees include a BA in biology from Hood College and a Master’s in teaching from Marshall University Graduate College. In addition, she has earned certificates in spirituality, health, and healing from the California Board of Registered Nursing, as well as, hospice family care-giving through a chapter in Central New York. Currently she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Holistic Health and has recently been certified in The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Levels 1-6. She has recently been selected by Sandy Anastasi, to teach this system on the east coast. Currently, Sandiee serves clients around the world on a regular basis by offering private, as well as, group readings. She is happily married and resides on the east coast with her husband and pets.

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Angry Saints Weary Warriors
Heather S. returns to share on Angels, Pentagrams and prayers of protection.
How Saints can blow your house apart.

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Nine days of prayer with Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus.

Betrothed to Mary, Joseph decided to divorce her quietly when he found she was with child, but an angel of the Lord told him to take her as his wife, since the child was the “Holy One” of God.

Joseph was present at Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, and warned by an angel in a dream, he fled with the infant and his mother lest Herod kill the child.

They settled at Nazareth, a small town of Galilee. There Joseph, a carpenter, helped to raise the child, sharing the many hours of his trade with his young son. During those uneventful years, the people of Nazareth saw Jesus simply as “the son of Joseph, the carpenter.”

As a person of faith, “a just man,” Joseph followed God’s call in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the coming of Jesus. And God entrusted this gentle humble man with the unique privilege of raising his only son as a growing child.

Over the centuries Christians have honored Joseph and sought his protection.

The novena, a nine day prayer, is a way of praying with perseverance. It is modeled after the nine day period the apostles prayed before Pentecost. Recite the first two prayers for the nine days. Then offer the special prayer for each day.

Day 1
O God,
guide of those who listen
and helper of those who hear your voice,
speak to me, as you did to Saint Joseph,
and help me accomplish the things you give me to do.

Day 2
O God,
you love your people
and bless the ordinary lives we quietly live.
As you blessed Saint Joseph,
bless what I do, however hidden and simple it may be,
and let all I do be done with love.

Day 3
O God,
ever faithful,
you remember us always,
and in time reveal your blessings.
Help me trust in you,
as Saint Joseph faithfully trusted,
and never let me lose faith
in the wonderful gifts
you promise me.

Day 4
God of families,
bless the family that’s mine.
Keep us safe from harm,
and never let evil come between us.
Let peace remain in our hearts.

Day 5
O God,
who loves children,
be kind to our children today.
Give them the eyes of faith for seeing far,
a loving heart for welcoming life,
and a place always at your side.

Day 6
God of our heavenly home,
bless our home on earth.
Let the spirit of Mary and Joseph
rest at our table, shape our words and actions,
and bring blessing to our children.

Day 7
God, our Father,
give your fatherly spirit
to those who are fathers now.
Like Joseph, give them hearts of devoted love
for their wives and children
and strength for forgiveness
and patience.

Day 8
Give shelter, O God,
to those who need it,
and bring together families divided.
Give us enough to eat,
and decent work to earn our bread.
Care for us, O God.

Day 9
Bless all families, O Lord,
especially those in need.
Remembering the life of your Son,
we pray for the poor,
for those you lack a good home,
for those in exile.
Grant them a protector like Joseph,
O God.

Each day conclude the novena with one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be.


In this Short briefing I will begin to touch on the expansive thoughts of what I’ve been studying for the last 25 yrs of my life, Jesus and ChristConsciousness 2012 teachings.
ChristConsciousness2012 Teachings
This Consciousness can face the greatest suffering imaginable, as love without attachment, needing, and wanting, places us in this harmlessness, where we rest in the knowing that love can never be harmed. When you are ready to take this very important step on your path to ascension, you will resonate with these words and be guided from within by Jesus and your Higher Self to partake of healing and re-activating the part of your energy field that longs to remember and regain it’s Individual Christhood. At this time there is a mixture of energies flowing onto the planet but for the most part the active energy, moving mankind ahead is the ChristConsciousness. The spirit presences in you are calling you home to that place in your heart where you experience divinity.

The Vibratory Inexplicable Energies

Sit and be still for a few minutes and allow yourself to feel and be aware of self energy. This is the energy that Jesus was tuned into, and he stated very plainly, “These things that I do, you can do also. Jesus was a perfect Spiritual Being, a direct extension/manifestationfrom the ONENESS that is the God/Goddess Energy, having a human experience- just as we all are perfect Spiritual Beings having a human experience. The experience of joy and the supernatural enlightenment of Christ is not about sins, hell or Satan, but the glorious energy of the soul. When, on the other hand, you want to determine what level of awareness you want to experience, you can do so by controlling your brain waves. Many hungry hearts know not the simplicity of going within to receive their divine birthright—to experience that all pervading sense of loving acceptance as my child. Christian Mysticism explains how our actions and thoughts within and without resolve themselves in the simplicity of the whole experience, when we focus on our simple unity in God’s pure consciousness and have become acquainted with God’s unity. Looking upon a broader horizon across all the experiences that are limited and unpleasant we can see the dazzling light of a new dawn where everything is unified.

Leveled Awareness

In explaining the Christ is not a man, but is something within all mankind, let me emphasize that the Christ is an awareness of Truth. When you feel Christ, you sense possessing a new awareness of God and the nature of God. I invite everything into my awareness through my thinking. According to some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of our time, this awareness is the next step in human consciousness. When one is at the awareness of ChristConsciousness, the act of knowing that a particular phenomenon can occur on the physical plane is pretty easy. Other great Masters have personified this same awareness. Mohammed realized he was one with God and his understanding coined him the name ‘prophet’ by his followers due to his keen awareness. The total awareness of the presence of God is a 24-hour, 7-days a week vocation. There is a fullness of self-awareness that you can perceive: worth, value, acceptance, approval, understanding.

As Found In ChristConsciousness Teachings

Just a few years ago you may not have been able to see such a clear, consistent messagecoming from such a wide array of teachers/teachings as we find today. Core biblical teachings about the person of Jesus may be summarized that Christ was and forever is fully God (divine) and fully human in one sinless person at the same time. But all the great wonderful masters of mankind were thoroughly misunderstood; their teachings were never understood, but misrepresented, misapplied and abused to the doom of man, towards which we seem to be heading today, unfortunately. Throughout history, the perspectives people have had on the life and teachings of Jesus have been varied, oftentimes even at odds. Jesus’ teachings centered around helping people find their own internal source of Spirit. Jesus’ ascension, his teachings (or transmissions) were taken to the South of France by Mary Magdalene, as well as by her sister Martha and her brother Lazarus. These teachings then were brought to England eventually gave birth to the Arthurian Knights, whose job it was to protect and nurture the Christ teachings and many sacred relics related to Jesus, including the chalice (Grail) and spear, (Excalibur). Soon thereafter, the teachings went further underground and did not surface for hundreds of years. Eventually, the Christ frequency was brought back to the world’s awareness through the teachings of Edgar Cayce and then channeled through a woman in the form of A Course in Miracles. This might be new to some people and it might be dismissed as New Age similar to what I am sure Jesus experienced with his teachings. The teachings of the ChristConsciousness fo 2012 are as valid today as they were then. Unfortunately the teachings have been misinterpreted and misused to the insult of mankind. ChristConsciousness2012 teachings assail the thoughts that only Jesus could do miracles. The teachings allow for the innerself to reunite with the ChristConsciousness and engage life with the fruits of peace, kindness, brotherly love, long suffering [AKA: yearning to return to oneness], patience, strength and fullness through meditation and practice of the guidance given from hearing the still small voice.

What really made Jesus so special was that he was able to be enlightened in a time when the inner channel to a Higher Consciousness that all humans possess was blocked by planetary conditions. Can we therefore use the transfigurin g Will to renounce and sacrifice all that hinders the inner ChristConsciousness from manifesting in the day-to-day life. In order to fully integrate this presence, Yeshua, and all of us, we have to overcome the Anti Christ force: all the shadow sides of the 12 apostles, the 12 shadow qualities of ChristConsciousness, the 12 crucial lessons we need to integrate in order to live a loving, healed, and blessed life. When you love with all your heart, mind, body and soul, you enter into the love that is Creation, Christ Consciousness, and love that is forever creating. So, this awareness is a returning home to our original self as children before our Creator. As mankind has evolved spiritually over the last few generations, people now want to know how they can attain that which is called ‘The Awakening’. The church is fundamentally one being, one person, a comm-union whose cells are connected to one another within the information network called the ChristConsciousness. But at the level of Christ Aware Consciousness, there really is only love, acceptance and forgiveness.



Being Spiritual In A Non-Spiritual World or Society
Paranormal Investigations and the pitfalls of rare occassions regarding demonic activity. How to be spiritual in a world that doesn’t welcome your spirituality with open arms.


SWTRadio’s Dan Lopez
Makes a rare and telling appearance on sorry, SuperNatural Gallery. My bad… Like a juggernaught of information delivered at the speed of lightening. This is a snippet of the show which was its first debut airing on blogtalk & please, What is shared here, please keep it here… Heh heh.. yeah right..

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