From the age of nine as a UFO experiencer, spirit visitations and communications in his later teens, near death experiencer from an alcohol overdose, conversed with a self proclaimed rogue reptillian, discovered by a top 100 psychic as the reincarnation of St. Peter, life pattern of seven cycles of seven years from birth year 1963-2012, envisioned as a winged being by another renown psychic, validated former Knight Templar as well as Atlanean guardian of a crystal tower, and developer of debilitating multidimensionals and giving elementals the munchies by aural composition.


Dan Lopez, host and producer of SpiritualWarriorToday Radio, has been helping hundreds of those interested in spirituality and the spiritual gifts since 1986. This after a full month of attempted suicides, Dan has accumulated more experience in the spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical than most household names in the arena. He brings heart felt understanding and wisdom to each episode and always leaves room for growth. Dan offers counseling and guidance with and without the use of his uncanny Tarot Card readings. Renown psychics, alternative media researchers, experiencers and healing practitioners have recognized Dan as an authentic resource… “A bright light in a dimly lit room”
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  1. Heather says:

    I ordered the Gift of Tones back on June 5th. Tonight, I tried to download, and the link is expired. Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks!

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