The Conjuring:
The story portrays the case file of Paranormal Investagators Ed and Loraine Warren’s Harrington Rhode Island House of horrors.

Something to be mindful of…
Remember the bumper sticker, ‘QUESTION AUTHORITY’. Everyone said it yet no one did anything about it. I did; I recognized it. I had known from a very young age that I, and none other, was my own and only authority. It seems I simply spent my life evidencing it. I never, ever, listened to anyone outside myself.
The problem was that I also never listened to me. It took me decades to learn to trust my intuition. The most important thing we will ever learn is who we are and this will require that we change our minds about who we think we are.
This will require that we throw out everything we think we know and replace it with what we have intuitively always known. We must listen only to what our intuition intends for us.
___ Mary Elizabeth: Croft

Coming soon: The New Age, which Age? The Age of Aquarius. Who is the water bearer?

How To Deal With Plot Twists!
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