Living Our True Nature Promotes Flow and Manifestation:
Takeda’s study began as an attempt to find the origin of a more recent hybrid tale with elements of both Aesop’s fable and the Eastern analogue. In this, it is a frog that is asked by the scorpion to carry it across the water. To allay the frog’s suspicions, the scorpion argues that this would be safe since, if he stung the frog, both would drown. The frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog. When asked the reason for his illogical action, the scorpion explains that this is simply his nature.
Life will include all kinds of contrast to our experience, its our choice, our powerful, magical choice whether to be in reality or create our reality.

The Abraham-Hicks Message referred in the show:

SpiritualwarriortodayRadio-Message From Above
Television station gets hijacked on November 26, 1977 in the United Kingdom, ten years before the Max Headroom pirating incident in Chicago. The Ashtar Command interrupted the ITN report. It was mixed with lots of static, and was a rogue transmission
…the messege was from 1977 but relevent for this moment of now…

Transmission of Commander Ashtar Sheran

If this is a hoax, who would have the technology to produce the hijacking of a television station, we cant even do that today. Funny how the government decided to shutdown the analog TV stations and forcing everyone to convert to the digital media they control, are they trying to keep someone or something from us? It took over 30 years for this message to reach our community, what else lies out there to be discovered, even if this message is not extra terrestrial in origin, it could have been channeled by a enlightened being. In 1977 this would have been forgein talk to them for most were not on the path towards enlightenment as we are today. This message resonates in todays time to todays people…take it as you will.

And then maybe not, but what is important is Self-Actualization, where we came from, where we’re going and how we can BE, while we’re getting where we’re going. Oh and Happy Mercury Retro Grade!

Bernadette Dickinson Hidden Wisdom Radio
Tonights guest feels more like an old friend than just another guest.
Her honesty and frankness is a spiritual breath of fresh air in this somewhat cosmic cloud of dogmatic new agey space we occupy. In the short 3hour conversation we had earlier we covered as many aspects as we could and decided to focus tonights topical discussion on Soul Contracts. Join us live @ 3PM EST, 1PM Mountain & bring a friend!

Bernadette is a well known and admired Life and Relationship Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Advisor, Speaker, Intuitive, Healer and Practitioner of the Quantum Xerroid Conscious Interface healing device. She has trained, shown and rehabilitated Race Horses, Hunter/Jumpers and abused horses since 1986. She has been a Marketing/Sales Professional for 20 yrs.

Bernadette has successfully coached hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. She has counseled clients through every imaginable challenge and past self-limiting beliefs.

Her lifelong study of world religions and spirituality has fueled her personal faith and inspired her to explore the application of spiritual principles to today’s complicated world. She has juggled the responsibility of single motherhood with the stress of a successful marketing consultant career. Overcoming and besting those daily challenges formed her personal convictions and philosophy.

Doing work as a Medium Bernadette has located missing pets, assisted in missing person and murder investigations, and created a connection of contact with loved ones who have crossed over.

Bernadette provides clients with the understanding, skills and inspiration to powerfully create the lives they desire. Business people and celebrities seek her coaching, people who refuse to settle for mediocrity and want better. She has never settled and doesn’t want YOU to either. Today she continues her work helping countless others as we all progress on our own life paths seeking goodness in all areas.
For more info visit: www.bernadettesvision.com


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