Ouija, Ouija-ologist (Recently featured on Darkness Radio & guest on Coast to Coast), Karen A. Dahlman joins us as we delve deep into the various aspects of this socially conditioned taboo subject and item or tool of the paranormal. The Spirit of Creativity
For over 40 years, her experiences with the ouija board has taken Karen to experiences that would not only shape but profoundly effect her life and the lives of those around her. Unbridaled by dogmatic fears, Karen interacted with the ouija like any other tool of the paranormal which lead her to experiences with entities from beyond as well as spirits, guides, demons and interdimensionals.. With the help of the ouija Karen has propelled herself from mild manner therepist to CEO of her own successful communications company in southern california.
With the recent publication of her book, “The Spirit of Creativity: Embodying Your Soul’s Passion”, she gives interviews about its contents and how the book was written with the assistance of her spirit friends. Ms. Dahlman has a strong spiritual connection to her spirit friends from beyond and she speaks to her connection and communication with them throughout her life. Highly experienced as a Ouija-­?ologist (one who studies the uses of the board), she teaches others about the positive benefits of using this tool as a means for expanding and deepening one’s world and expression within it in the most profound ways.
[Scheduled Air Date & Time 4-17-2013 12PM EST - 9AM PST]
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