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Sontuoc Wong, Spiritual Teacher, Qigong practitioner, Physical thereapist & survivor of 2 high level spiritual mentors discusses past experieinces of the bizarre and unexplainable. In his video presentation “9 years against the wall” he notes–
It’s a Dissertation on training and living with a Hybrid & ET contactee, 2003-2012
The Spiritual Journey from Kung Fu to Shamanism, Meditation to ETs
Spiritual Teachings during the Dark Ages Kali Yuga
Contact and Contact with Contactees
Dark Night of the Soul, The Spiritual Initiation
Apprenticing with a Sorcerer
Spiritual Seduction
Responsibility of Creation

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In This Episode of SpiritualWarriorToday Radio :Mayan Astrological Readings
A friend of mine turned me on to these readings a while back, and the other night I decided to read mine in earnest to see if they were as all encompassing as normal astrology readings… the results were intriguing to say the least. There are 4 tolkins for every reading, not including something called a tone (synchronicity?).

You can get your own reading here. Mayan Astrological Reading

After the reading I go deep into habit patterns and why it can be so hard to break them, but once we identify them and mark them for change it gets easier to apply principals in clearing out old useless things that no longer serve.
As for the reading, you can follow along as I break this down into smaller chunks…
I’m a White Planetary Dog… And this was my reading…

White Dog is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

One of the gifts of White Dog is the calling in and recognition of other companions of destiny. Other beings with the same longing are waiting to meet and acknowledge you – beings who can see you as you authrentically are. When you have truly been seen, you feel empowered, and remembrance of a shared sacred trust is ignited. This is a natural process, divinely designed for recognition through vibrational affinity, freed from personal expectations.

White Dog can be seen as an access point for developing relationships with guides, totems, allies and guardians. There are many ways to work with these spiritual guides, including guided visualizations, shamanic journeys, and meditation. A useful construct is viewing them as aspects of yourself, part of your life stream that is asking to be integrated. Remember, there is no ‘other’. In this grand adventure, you are being asked to embody all that you are.
Profound insights are garnered through shared purpose and relationship with others who are willing to be in their truth and integrity about the light and shadow aspects they perceive in themselves.

Similarly, intimate relationships can be viewed as unique opportunities to bring forward in each other deep emotional patterns to be transformed. In this case, those you have drawn to you hold the ability to assist you in your own integration as well. There are no mistakes. Be willing to look deeply into the truth held within any relationship. The expression of intimacy is a gift of love; the lack of it may be a symptom asking for honest communication and healing. It may also be guiding you to reevaluate your relationship and the purpose it is serving.

White Dog signals a breakthrough in your life: new beginnings, new perceptions, new allies and friends. As you express more authentically who you are, you draw your true family closer to you.With your guides and companions, you have the ability to manifest your inspired visions and dreams. Recognize the eyes and hearts that spark the remembrance of a sacred trust.

The harmonic wisdom of White Dog is affinity, the attraction of like vibration or substances for one another. Spiritual affinity is not limited to family kinship – it is part of the natural affinity between companions of destiny. Such companions of are drawn together by the same aligned force that draws iron filings to a magnet. Companions of destiny are drawn togther to do work that is naturally harmonious.

On the surface at times, it may seem that you have little in common with these companions, yet the attraction remains. This is because Essence Selves are often committed to work together long before they meet in the physical world. This is a natural process of affinity, rather than a process motivated from personal desire. Follow this guidance into your unfoldment within the larger pattern.

White Mirror is your Higher Self & Guide.

White Mirror represents the Hall of Mirrors, where you can face your own reflection and see the truth about yourself. As a mirror, White Mirror merely reflects what is, whether truth, beauty or illusion. Here you can face unfinished business, the dissonance of difficulties, or charged issues that would keep you from the full expression of your Divinity. Become aware of any illusions or distortions within yourself; your clarity of perception will transform them. Take a moment to see yourself as you actually are, shadow and all, freed from the maze of mental illusion.

Sometimes you may find yourself reacting rather than freely responding to a situation or person. If you have charged reactions such as frustration, anger, fear, judgement or jealousy, look at how you might be projecting these issues onto someone else. The world is the mirror for you to truly see. Any strong reaction to a person or event signals an issue to work on in yourself. Be willing to examine and utilize what you see in your mirrors, in order to transform dysfunctional belief systems, negative thoughtforms, and fixed patterns.

In the Hall of Mirrors there is no good or bad, no right or wrong – there is only the reflection of what is. As you learn to see yourself, you begin to see your emotional reactions as signs indicating where to focus your awareness for growth.

On this quest, come prepared to face White Mirror’s sword of truth and purification. The wisdom of this sword penetrates, exposes, and ultimately heals your illusions. Discrimination is tempered with love cleanly cuts away everything that does not serve your evolution. To the Maya, White Mirror is the flint that hones your sword.

The greatest gift of the sword is the power of forgiveness. A profound freedom emerges from forgiveness, the releasing of the illusion of cause and effect. Use the great gifts offered in this blad of truth and light to forgive and release anything you may judge or see as imperfect.

You are already an Enlightened Being!

*White Mirror’s are able to clearly reflect others back to themselves once their own mirror is clear.*

Blue Monkey is your Subconscious Self and Hidden Helper.

Blue Monkey represents the Divine Child, the child that is ever in a state of open-hearted wisdom, innocence, trust, simplicity and joyful wonder. What would it feel like to actually BE a magical child in this culture and time? The secret that very few know – because they may feel more comfortable trying to protect themselves – is that the divine child offers the strongest of all protections, the invulnerability of openhearted Love. Through innocence, a kind of immunity is created that allows the divine child to be TRANSPARENT so that the apparent ‘slings and arrows’ of the world can pass right through without being personalized into wounds, reactions or hurt feelings. This is the path of innocence regained. Transparency is the path of the new consciousness.

Look deeply into the eyes of a happy two year old. There you will see the innocent trust, openheartedness, and spontaneous joy that typifies the divine child. Imagine yourself as an enlightened two-year old, in a state of ecstatic communion and delight. In childhood, you didn’t have to remember to be playful – you could easily and fluidly express your emotions. You didn’t have to understand whys and wherefores – you knew with your heart. This if your natural state of being, the state of ecstasy, the path of revealed innocence.

In Western culture, many people have a distorted understanding about what it is to be a human being. We are often taught that sucessful adults are responsible, serious, rigid, controlled and goal oriented. In your journey with society, your developmental stages may have been incomplete. The natural sensitivity, fluidity, and freedom of the child may have been left behind in partial passage. Perhaps your inner child was wounded or treated insensitively, and you carried this unresolved process into adulthood. Blue Monkey encourages you to bring forth this incomplete or wounded part for integration and healing.

In this New Myth, your spontaneous, divine child will usher in and anchor the new frequency. How can you heal your inner child? Explore what truly gives you joy. Find types of work that support your sensitivity and create deep satisfaction. Be simple: love, play, dance, draw, colour, sing. These activities are for all divine children – they serve the expression of the magical child in everyone. Consciously make time for the joyful freedom and magic of play!

The number for Blue Monkey is eleven, the vibration wherein novelty and spontaneity break down resistant forms. When unity merges with Essence Self, a mystical foundation is created that disintegrates old patterns. This is actually integration in disguide. As your walls tumble down, they crack into a smile, and the illumination of self shines through.

Yellow Sun represents your Challenge and Gift. With maturity and awareness this challenge will turn into a Focus. This is what you desire to learn in this lifetime.

In the shadow of Yellow Sun, you may be unaware of or feel disconnected from your own true nature. Thus, the light of Yellow Sun reflects your shadow’s potential. On this journey, you are being offered release from all past identities, lifetimes, and karma. This process retrieves any separated parts of self, restoring all potential into the union of wholeness. By facing and integrating your shadows, you can free yourself into the greater constellation of being.

The shadow of Yellow Sun also reflects your limiting views of self in relation to your concept of God. It is important to remember tha thow you see divinity is how you see yourself! If you do not see yourself as an integral part of the Divine you are functioning in th shadow of Yellow Sun.

Another shadow of Yellow Sun is conditional love, which is really part of the process of learning how to express unconditional love. Conditionality often implies fear, separation, and issues of self worth. Unconditionality expresses without judgement, limitation or expectation. Unconditional love is your original state of being, that which you naturally are.

You are the model of what it means to be fully human. In Yellow Sun’s shadow are the ideals of society. Look at your personal ideals. You are being asked to release them and to embody the limitless principles of the light. As you become a model of loving acceptance, shadow and light embrace as one, and the world is lifted. You become the new myth emerging. Through the embodiment of unconditional love, one person at a time, the new world is born.

As you express unconditional love, you become more than you previously perceived yourself to be. You become illumined, the full manifestation of your divinity. In the embrace of your humanity, accept yourself and others unconditionally. Magnify your full presence. Yellow Sun will come in myriad forms to assist you. Be limitless. Accept and understand the nature of judgement, fear, light and dark within yourself and others. Love and accept yourself and others as you are, freed from previous boundaries. You are the dawning of the solar age.

Red Moon is your Compliment – something that comes naturally to you.

Red Moon is the cosmic seed of awakened awareness. Consume it like a fruit, and let it blossom within you. You are on the quest of self-remembrance, of Godseed. If you work with the energy of Red Moon with clear awareness and attention, an awakened state of remembrance will naturally blossom within you. Remembrance means having direct access to your expanded presence through an intrinsic perception of unity. Remembrance is your recognition of the larger pattern and your connection to it, often facilitated through dreams, art, music, colors and creative pursuits. With focused attention, meditate on Red Moon and you will receive help with self-remembrance.

Red Moon is also a beacon or transmitting station. As you open to self-remembrance, you become a beacon and receiver for cosmic consciousness. This communication creates the gradual opening of the third eye, the eye within the mononlith of self. As this eye opens and your communication becomes more refined, you will notice more signs, signals and understanding coming to you. These are all for your growth and evolution – a feedback system from which you can gain insight about your journey.

The number for Red Moon is 9, which symbolizes the recurrence of great cycles. An example of such recurrence is the periodic return of master teachers to help awaken human beings on Earth. Nine is the number of Quetzalcoatl, buddha, and Christ. Red Moon is a symbol for great teachers who have come to translate univeresal wisdom to humanity, to embody the awakened state of consciousness that is accessible to all. Such teachers serve as a connection to the Divine and hold the promise of full self-mastery.

Take off the veil of forgetfulness. Become the beacon of awakened awareness. As you open to self-remembrance, you will freely receive divine guidance. Be with others who support your fullest expression.

Your Tone is Tone 10 – Planetary

Intention, true identity, foundation of Essence Self, aligned manifestation.

Ten is the ray of manifestation, the foundation of individual self manifesting its true identity, the foundation of Essence Self. A potent manifestation awaits you. Two worlds combine. The key to manifestation in all realms is through clear intention and the embodiment of your divine essence. What does your heart desire to manifest? Begin by aligning with your essence. Essence aligned with intention creates an etheric thoughtform, an “energy matrix image.” As long as it is unrestricted by limiting beliefs, the energy pattern emerges and evolves. As it evolves, it aligns with the larger pattern until finally it is released into manifestation.

The Planetary Tone of ten is asking you to look carefully at your own foundations. What structures and belief systems is your reality built on? What foundations motivate your choices? You are now creating a new foundation, walking into all that you are – your Essence Self. As the foundation of your Essence Self emerges, others will recognize your true identity. When you are in resonance with the universe, manifestation is a natural by-product.

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In this episode: Spiritual Gifts or Gifts of The Spirit
Continuing our Spiritual Foundation Series:
Introduction to The Building Blocks For Manifestation,
Connecting with spirit,
Choosing a spiritual path,
Choosing your God higherpower creator or whatever you want to call the Oneness,
Over coming fears,
Dealing with adversity and challenges,
Taking it One Day At A Time,
Removing the blocks that keep spirit from working through you,
Building a structure of living spiritually to develop, enable or enhance your spiritual gifts.
And much more…

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Tonights Episode: Intuition, Dreams, Pastlives and Lifepaths;
Intuition the Still Small Voice that we inadvertantly dismiss on a daily basis, how do we actually get in touch with this spirit led source of helpful information that has a vested interest in our progress?
Dreams and dream interpretation in particular Deaths in Dreams, taboo or actual matters of fact?
What do you do when someone you love dreams you die, especially when all the details of others give credit to actual death occuring to the subject being dreamt?
Pastlives and what are they?
Are they the karmic boogeymen we’ve come to believe?
Do they leave trails to understand this particular life?
And what do they have to do with your Life Path today?
What is a life path?
How can we know we’re on it?
How can we know we’re going in the right direction?
Listen in and find out :)
Its not all its cracked up to be… it is what it is, when we’re in THIS moment, all that backlog doesn’t matter a hoot, it’s what we do with right now that ultimately matters…

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Steven Raebel-FiredUpRadio-SWTR
Tonight @10PM We welcome back Steven Raebel to the program for interesting discussions on lifes challenges and living in the spirit.

Host Steven Raebel is a sensitive and Sports Radio show Host currently involved in life after death research and spirit communications in the Tampa Bay area. He is the founder of Michigan Paranormal Project started in 2006 and currently works with Research groups in the South Florida area. Steven has traveled across the United States working with others in the paranormal and metaphysical fields in the study’s of intuitive development, psychic awareness, paranormal research, spirit communications, Internet radio broadcasting, telepathic communications, channeling, spirit attachments, haunted locations, EVP collection, and data collection in active paranormal environments. Also Steven hosts multiplel internet radio programs (Fired Up Radio, Ray Underground Live, Sports City Chefs, Lamplighter Radio) weekly, bringing awareness to what we see appropriate.

Fired Up Internet Radio w/ Steven Raebel
Hello My name is Steve Raebel. I fight a war I cannot win, but yet i still fight. What would possess a man to walk into a battle you know you will not walk away from unscathed? I have asked myself this question more than I care to admit. This is what I have come up with so far, We fight for the ones who are not strong enough to fight for themselves, we fight because we know the ones who will matter are watching for an example, we fight because God has specifically prepared us to identify the battles we should be involved with and give us strength for our challenges everyday, and we fight because someone out there is counting of you to do what others cannot. I do believe in miracles and the will of the human spirit, but in the same breath know that not everything is fair. Ego, pride, jealousy cripples most men, while compassion understanding and sacrifice turns us into leaders. Knowing it is not about you, but others who will count on you is what is important and will force you to be humble and grow. To live in the moment and feel emotions good, bad and indifferent is how we know we are alive. So do not fear Emotions, but rather embrace and learn to control them while you are manifesting your reality. So in posting this even if it doesn’t seem fair no matter what the situation is in your life. I am here to tell you if your are still breathing, you MATTER!!! read more

To contact Steven with questions or guest appearance requests please email at:
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Tonights Guest Ramone Almonte author of Scratching The Cosmic Conscience @ 9PM EST.
“Scratching The Cosmic Consciences is a book which the main character follows an unbeaten path and ends up growing spiritually. This spiritually charged sci-fi novel takes you inside the knowledge of a culture that balances Native Americans respect for the land combined with advance technology.

The story will take you deep into the character’s mind and his higher self. Trevor a Dominican American who grew up in New York City is plagued by weird dreams that are pushing him to build an apparatus that will allow him to travel to another planet. He and his best friend Shinaga, together build this apparatus and before there able to finish, Trevor’s world comes crashing down when the love of his life Felicia is killed. He now picks up the pieces and travels to a foreign planet where he meets a highly spiritual 4000-year-old tree named Sequoyah that is able to walk and talk and teaches him to look at his inner power.

Born and raised in NYC and now live in Japan. My earliest memories are of the age of around two to three years old when I had an out of body experience. I recall seeing my body and trying to get my baby bottle and that my hand kept going thru the bottle. At around the age of eleven I had a teacher Miss Mints, who taught us meditation. At the age sixteen life gave me a knee to the jaw when I got myself in trouble with the LAW. I saw two paths, one was dark and the other one was uplifting. Luckily I was smart enough to make the right choice. I began reading and meditating. I was always interested in extraterrestrial life and in the UFO phenomena. Big influences for these interests were my Dad and the Strange Universe TV show.
At the age of 19 I began to Co-host a college radio show with T.O Sweet called The Candy store. T.O. Sweet mentored me for many years and taught me how to look at the glass half full and how my thoughts affect my reality.
In 1999 I started a Public Access TV Show Called Sugar High, with my best friend Alex. One day my co-worker showed me a you tube video of a UFO over Haiti, and even thou this video proved fake, it opened me up to looking for more footage and I discovered radio shows like Coast to Coast AM, As You Wish, and X-Squared Radio, just to name a few. In 2009 I went to James Gilliland’s ECETI Ranch where I saw my first UFO and learned Kunlun. In the summer of 2010 I went again and met Tom. Within a few months I asked Tom if he knew anything about doing an internet radio show. Tom said he wanted to do a show as well. Soon Conscious-TV was born, and with the help of Dr. Brooks Agnews we landed on BBS Radio. In 2011 we changed the name of the show to The Hundredth Monkey Radio. Currently, we have listeners in 105 countries.
Links Available after Airing

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Prisons Of The Mind on Spiritualwarriortoday-radio
The long awaited update
Prisons Of Our Minds, The Prisons of Our Hearts and Wayne County Correctional Facilities

Experience Strength and Hope converge in this episode as I detail the events that lead to this day of freedom and new hope and new beginnings. Removing limitations and excuses the hard way. By letting the universe change circumstances. What can be avoided if we just take the moments to alter our thoughts and allow what limitations and excuses we’ve brought into our lives to be removed.
Change your life today, have peace in the most unpeaceful situations, have gratitude in the least moments where gratitude seems unlikely and move into a new life if only we can think and feel our way into it it can happen.. It did for me, it can happen for you…
Thank you everyone who stood up and supported me and my little one through this whole ordeal. My gratitude for you cannot be said enough.

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Deep Truth with Best Selling Hay House Author Gregg Braden, Rebroadcast Monday July, 16th @9PM.

NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLING author GREGG BRADEN is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. Following a successful career as a Computer Geologist for Phillips Petroleum during the 1970′s energy crisis, he worked as a Senior Computer Systems Designer with Martin Marietta Defense Systems during the last years of the Cold War. In 1991 he became the first Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems where he led the development of the global support team that ensures the reliability of today’s internet.

For more than 25 years Gregg has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. His work is now featured on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, The Sci Fi Channel and NBC.

To date, Gregg’s discoveries have led to such paradigm-shattering books as: The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix, and Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age, which debuted at #5 on the New York Times bestseller list two weeks after its release. Deep Truth is the newest book by Gregg Braden.

Today Gregg’s work is published in 17 languages and 33 countries.

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source drivenSWTR Will Be Off The Air Indefinitely
Will try to maintain updates for FiredUp Fridays and Meta~Visionary Mondays, but too many things have happened personally to invest myself 24hrs to this as I’ve done in the past… Things I would rather not ever have repeat or would wish on anyone, I’ve been to Hell & Back… One day I’ll post a show on it, but for now… I’m just too emotionally beaten and I need to mend… Thank you to everyone who came and inquired and to those who helped. Bless you all, and I pray for a speedy return, but if it’s in His Will for this to continue, then so be it.. Until such time… I’ve been blessed to do this and pray to be able to do so again… Things are changing now and I have to roll with it.
Good day, Good evening and Good luck…
PS: You know how to reach me if needed, “I may not be all there, but I’m here for you…”
For more info please read Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Angels, Aliens and Prophecy with Author Betsey Lewis

Betsey Lewis
Author, Intuitive, Talk Show Host and Earth Mysteries Investigator, believes she inherited the gift of prophecy from her mother. She also believes that two major UFO events as a child triggered many lucid dreams of earth changes, currently taking place worldwide. It was during her second UFO experience she received an urgent message but erased from her memory until a later time, now revealed in her new non-fiction book, Angels, Aliens and Prophecy: The Connection. For the past 40 years Betsey has investigated UFO sightings, the mysterious worldwide cattle mutilations and other earth mysteries. Get ready, something wonderful is going to happen to our planet and humanity, she says.

Betsey is the host of the popular Rainbow Vision Network since 2009, and has been a featured guest on television, radio, and a guest speaker at the 2012 Alamo UFO Conference. Books include: Angels, Aliens and Prophecy: The Connection, and the acclaimed children’s story, Rainbow Eyes, under the pen name Jane B. Lewis.

Radio Show Website:

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