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#EXTINF:1793,1945-06-05 AFRS Bob Hope – From Sedalia Army Airfield

#EXTINF:1776,1945-06-07 CBS Suspense – Two Sharp Knives

#EXTINF:716,1945-06-10 SYN Soldiers Of The Press – 136 Boyd Lewis – Victory In The West

#EXTINF:3534,1945-06-11 CBS Lux Radio Theatre – Murder, My Sweet

#EXTINF:1771,1945-06-11 NBC Cavalcade of America – 439 The Law West of the Pecos

#EXTINF:1513,1945-06-14 AFRS Command Performance – 179 Gloria DeHaven, Bob Hope

#EXTINF:821,1945-06-14 NBCB Between the Bookends – National Anthems

#EXTINF:704,1945-06-17 SYN Soldiers Of The Press – 137 Eddie Beattie – Prisoner Of War

#EXTINF:3533,1945-06-18 CBS Lux Radio Theatre – Canterville Ghost

#EXTINF:1692,1945-06-18 NBC Cavalcade of America – 440 Party Line

#EXTINF:1809,1945-06-20 NBCB Counterspy – Explosive Dog

#EXTINF:1796,1945-06-21 AFRS Command Performance – 180 Joan Edwards, Jack Carson

#EXTINF:1800,1945-06-21 CBS Suspense – The Story Of Ivy

#EXTINF:1850,1945-06-22 AFRS Command Performance – 181 Jack Haley, Les Paul

#EXTINF:1437,1945-04-01 WMCA New World a Coming – (41) The Negro in Early American History

#EXTINF:1761,1945-04-02 AFRS New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Mendicant Society

#EXTINF:3391,1945-04-02 CBS Lux Radio Theatre – Swanee River

#EXTINF:1790,1945-04-02 WGN Hallicrafters Hour – W9WZE Hildegarde

#EXTINF:1751,1945-04-05 AFRS Command Performance – 169 Bing Crosby, Lionel Barrymore, Marilyn Maxwell

#EXTINF:1842,1945-04-05 CBS Suspense – A Guy Gets Lonely

#EXTINF:1440,1945-04-05 MBS Strange Morning – Ingrid Bergman, Arch Obler

#EXTINF:1715,1945-04-05 NBC Bing Crosby Kraft Music Hall – King Cole Trio

#EXTINF:686,1945-04-05 WBZ Yankee Yarns – Fishing Boat Sunk By U-Boat

#EXTINF:1461,1945-04-08 WMCA New World a Coming – (42) White Folks Do Some Funny Things

#EXTINF:1553,1945-04-09 AFRS New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – The Case of the Viennese Strangler

#EXTINF:3226,1945-04-09 CBS Lux Radio Theatre – The Suspect

#EXTINF:805,1945-04-09 NBC Cavalcade of America – 430 Robinson Crusoe USN – Last half only

#EXTINF:1495,1945-04-10 AFRS Bob Hope – From Coronado Naval Station Frankie Laine, Hedy Lamarr

#EXTINF:1724,1945-04-12 AFRS Command Performance – 170 Kay Kyser, Gary Cooper, Edward G Robinson

#EXTINF:172,1945-04-12 We Interrupt This Broadcast – President Roosevelt Dies

#EXTINF:639,1945-04-15 CBS Edward R Murrow – A Report from London

#EXTINF:712,1945-04-15 SYN Soldiers Of The Press – 128 Doris Johnstone – Hide Out

#EXTINF:1799,1945-04-15 WMCA New World a Coming – (43) Memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt

#EXTINF:3494,1945-04-16 CBS Lux Radio Theatre – Only Yesterday

#EXTINF:1575,1945-04-16 NBC Cavalcade of America – 431 Doctora in Mexico

#EXTINF:1877,1945-04-19 CBS Suspense – Pearls Are A Nuisance

#EXTINF:1770,1945-04-19 NBC Abbott and Costello – Appearing with the Andrews Sisters

#EXTINF:672,1945-04-22 SYN Soldiers Of The Press – 129 Ann Stringer – Bravest Men In The Army

#EXTINF:1397,1945-04-22 WMCA New World a Coming – (44) The Story of Negro Nurses

#EXTINF:1569,1945-04-23 AFRS New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Canary Trainer

#EXTINF:3124,1945-04-23 CBS Lux Radio Theatre – The Petrified Forest

#EXTINF:1701,1945-04-23 NBC Cavalcade of America – 432 Weapon 4-H

#EXTINF:1348,1945-04-26 NBC Abbott and Costello – Making a Movie with the Andrews Sisters

#EXTINF:1778,1945-04-26 NBC Bing Crosby Kraft Music Hall – Florence Alba

#EXTINF:1772,1945-04-27 CBS It Pays To Be Ignorant – 000 What Is A Detour?

#EXTINF:1691,1945-04-29 NBC Jack Benny – First Performance of Professor La Blanc

#EXTINF:1377,1945-04-29 WMCA New World a Coming – (45) Report From the Western Front

#EXTINF:1545,1945-04-30 AFRS New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Unfortunate Tobacconist

#EXTINF:3304,1945-04-30 CBS Lux Radio Theatre – Moontide

#EXTINF:1742,1945-04-30 NBC Cavalcade of America – 433 The Philippines Never Surrendered

#EXTINF:233,1945-04-xx 248 V-Disc B – Count & Basie & his Orchestra – On The Upbeat

#EXTINF:356,1945-04-xx 406 V-Disc A – Charlie Spivak & his Orchestra – Only Another Boy & Girl & Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye

#EXTINF:336,1945-04-xx 406 V-Disc B – Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra – More And More & You’re Driving Me Crazy

#EXTINF:1859,1945-05-03 AFRS Command Performance – 173 Tribute To Walt Disney

#EXTINF:1904,1945-05-03 CBS Suspense – Fear Paints A Picture

#EXTINF:1646,1945-05-03 NBC Bing Crosby Kraft Music Hall – King Cole Trio

#EXTINF:46,1945-05-04 BBC – European Service Interval Signal & ID

#EXTINF:149,1945-05-05 WHAS Kentucky Derby – Ted Huesing

#EXTINF:849,1945-05-06 WMCA New World a Coming – (46) Blood Flows Red (Middle 10 min missing)

#EXTINF:1774,1945-05-07 AFRS New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Purloined Ruby

#EXTINF:3284,1945-05-07 CBS Lux Radio Theatre – Sing You Sinners

#EXTINF:1759,1945-05-07 NBC Cavalcade of America – 434 Artist to the Wounded

#EXTINF:165,1945-05-07 We Interrupt This Broadcast – VE Day War in Europe Ends

#EXTINF:1744,1945-05-10 AFRS Command Performance – 174 Jack Benny, Paulette Goddard

#EXTINF:1743,1945-05-10 CBS Suspense – Reprieve

#EXTINF:1779,1945-05-13 CBS We The People – Salute to the Air Forces

#EXTINF:1686,1945-05-14 AFRS New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – In Flanders Field

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SpiritualWarriorToday Radio-WhyWeGoMad
SpiritualWarriorToday Radio
@12AM EST – What is consciousness? And why do spiritual people tend to go mad from time to time?
That almost elusive aspect called consciousness, what it means and why are there other things attached to the meaning beyond the plain old term “awareness”… And why and how spiritual people tend to feel like there’s no more hope and tend to completely implode on themselves even after years of training ad dedication.

Featured Episode @8PM 5/07/12: Meta~Visionaries Radio’s Host Debbie Edwards-
Discover the Amazing You! w/Author, Motivational & Lifestyle Consultant Deb Scott

Meta~Visionaries Radio: Hosted by Debbie Edwards, In this episode,
Deb Scott is a motivation and lifestyle consultant, specializing in working with business and corporate environments to transform poor interpersonal dynamics and low-energy groups into high-powered, successful, dynamic teams. A biology major in college, Deb became an award-winning sales and leadership specialist with 20 years of background in cardiac surgery sales. Now she applies her sales and business background to motivational speaking and consulting in the fields of sales, marketing, advertising, hiring, and teambuilding. “The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue – Turning Your Upside-Down World Right-Side-Up!” is her first book.

Deb Scott has battled depression, other’s alcoholism, a dysfunctional family, sexual abuse and religious doubts -and emerged at the other end as a happy, successful executive who trains others to follow her path to happiness. Now she teaches others the same life-changing techniques that enabled her to overcome these challenges.
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Insider Drake Freedom Reigns Update May 2ND & 3RD, 2012
@6PM onward – 1st aired on project camelot project: and
Understand whats happening behind the scenes, so you can totally unplug from the fear factory that you’re digesting from the mass media on a daily level.
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