Welcome Back faithful listeners

We’re Warring tonight for sure, between insomnia, fluid in the chest, Magnetic storms and possibly contact entempting to be established through an LIVE class B EVP (Can YOU catch it? It’s definitely vocal) it’s incredibly appropriate during a show concerning Contact and Consciousness.. Are We Really Ready For Contact?

No Joke, it was a major storm


Welcome Back faithful listeners

Testing the waters that fill my lungs to see if I can get through an episode without bombing physically…
Deciding that 30minute segments may be just the thing at the moment as we discuss synchronicities, spirit realms and judgement…

When Death Comes A Knocking Don’t Bother Answering

Tonight we welcome ourselves back to the fray called life and kickoff some very intrigueing subjects on the matter of death and mortality… Our all time favorite “Emotions” and what to do when your child has gone wild… Tune in now…

SWTRadio-Silent Suffering

A touching perspective on what happens when life comes at you fast


Lucia Mitro B.M. was born in a beautiful little village called Remetske Hamre in Slovakia. She was always sensitive to feelings of others. This gift was in direct conflict with communist regime she was raised under. Consequently, Lucia learned to deny and hide her abilities. She moved to United States, lived though stressful time of being an immigrant married to abusive man.

Learning her lessons, she now devotes her life to empowering her clients while guiding them to reach an understanding of their own magnificent abilities and enlightens the minds of those who struggle to find their way. She reaches out to children as well as adults to help guide them on their Journey Into Timelessness.

She combines her counseling service with The Reconnection healing practice creating a very powerful ride.
For more info goto http://www.timelesslight.net/


Blessed to be Interviewing my spiritual Aries Sister, Psychic/Medium, NDE Survivor, Author/Speaker, Sandiee Peters tonight.. Working on some residual MercRetro broadcast stuff but the podcast will be available tonight for sure

About Sandiee

Sandiee is no stranger to life’s challenges. Overcoming some of the biggest that life has to offer: a life with panic disorder, ill health, and then death. During a near-death experience, her eyes were opened to a new way of being. She began to embrace all aspects of her soul and had gained insights on God’s presence in her life.

Sandiee is an author, international psychic medium, holistic teacher, motivational speaker, and inspiration for the “beauty of change.” She motivates people of all faiths and cultures from around the world to seek the soul evolution they need, in order to realize the life of their dreams. Her ability to communicate with the deceased and give intuitive insight into one’s life is a gift from God, which became heightened after her near-death experience.
Her family originates from the plains of Zimbabwe. Her deceased African grandmother still serves a a source of love that inspires her to realize her deepest heartfelt dreams. It is her hope that someday she can return to Africa to film her inspired journey and illustrate the connection with her beloved grandmother.
Sandiee has chronicled her life-altering experience in her book Butterfly Soul. It is her hope that every soul who reads it is inspired to change and serve their life purpose. She has been a radio host, writing and producing her own podcast series Soul Chat, which aired live for four years on the PARA-X Radio Network. Currently, she has created a new podcast about holistic health called, The Holistic Soul, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio every Thursday night at 9 pm EST.

Sandiee is an accomplished certified teacher through the West Virginia State Board of Education. Her degrees include a BA in biology from Hood College and a Master’s in teaching from Marshall University Graduate College. In addition, she has earned certificates in spirituality, health, and healing from the California Board of Registered Nursing, as well as, hospice family care-giving through a chapter in Central New York. Currently she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Holistic Health and has recently been certified in The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Levels 1-6. She has recently been selected by Sandy Anastasi, to teach this system on the east coast. Currently, Sandiee serves clients around the world on a regular basis by offering private, as well as, group readings. She is happily married and resides on the east coast with her husband and pets.

For More Info Go To: Sandiee.com

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Heather returns to share on Angels, Pentagrams, prayers and how Saints can blow your house apart!

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Nine days of prayer with Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus.

Betrothed to Mary, Joseph decided to divorce her quietly when he found she was with child, but an angel of the Lord told him to take her as his wife, since the child was the “Holy One” of God.

Joseph was present at Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, and warned by an angel in a dream, he fled with the infant and his mother lest Herod kill the child.

They settled at Nazareth, a small town of Galilee. There Joseph, a carpenter, helped to raise the child, sharing the many hours of his trade with his young son. During those uneventful years, the people of Nazareth saw Jesus simply as “the son of Joseph, the carpenter.”

As a person of faith, “a just man,” Joseph followed God’s call in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the coming of Jesus. And God entrusted this gentle humble man with the unique privilege of raising his only son as a growing child.

Over the centuries Christians have honored Joseph and sought his protection.

The novena, a nine day prayer, is a way of praying with perseverance. It is modeled after the nine day period the apostles prayed before Pentecost. Recite the first two prayers for the nine days. Then offer the special prayer for each day.

For the rest see the original post here:

Old Testament God Perspective… Sort of
Was God of the old testament a raging psychopath? This is a response show to an article posted on i09.com entitled “God’s 12 Biggest Dick Moves in the Old Testament”
For those who Do get a kick out the page… The Bible is one book I personally read front to back… the old testament in particular was extremely brutal.. and begged me to wonder who Jesus was referring to… But I have other personal references that I expound upon on the show regarding such.. and even more to come… God is a baddass, he’s MY baddass… And the bible is filled with some very questionable things… But its a personal thing, between the reader and the Bible itself.. It was never meant to be anything but… So get what you can from it, and leave the rest.. It’s well worth the read.. but don’t bash it if you never read it.. That just makes you as ignorant as the lawmakers in Arizona


Being Spiritual In A Non-Spiritual World or Society
Paranormal Investigations and the pitfalls of rare occassions regarding demonic activity.


SWTRadio’s Dan Lopez
Makes a rare and telling appearance on sorry, SuperNatural Gallery. My bad… Like a juggernaught of information delivered at the speed of lightening. This is a snippet of the show which was its first debut airing on blogtalk & please, What is shared here, please keep it here… Heh heh.. yeah right..

For more information on Supernatural Gallery please visit



Times, they are a changing!
Not sure if you’re feeling this, or if life has been more of the same for you, but I can assure you at SpiritualWarriorToday things of a most positive nature are afoot and are only getting better. Step into this show with both feet and eyes wide open as we show you just how different life can be. Once again Dan & Heather spread some good cheer!

SWTRadio-The Spirits of Ouija

Karen A Dahlman joins us once again … read more

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

A complete and concise method to finding your life purpose delivered in plain english.
With detailed step by step practical excercises and instructions to empower and direct you to your goal of self discovery.




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